Help from
the Origin.


Emela Association is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and not-for-profit organization legally registered by the Ethiopian Agency for Civil Society Organizations (ACSO). Emela is committed to empowering people, facilitating social and community development and contributing to sustainable development. We operate under a motto: "Help from the Origin."

Focus areas

We extend support to bring hope and optimism to communities through the provision of essential services in health, education, food security, green economy, gender empowerment and peacebuilding.


Emela focus to provide high quality, affordable primary medical care and address the nutritional needs of vulnerable groups. We work to improve sexual and reproductive health, maternal, infant and child health care.


Emela works with the government education system to improve the school learning environment and outcomes. We empower of girls, youth and women and with inclusive education, life skills development, vocational training, environmental education and language development. Emela implements training and advocacy activities on social, economic and cultural rights and about related duties and obligations.

Food Security

Emela provides support to strengthen agriculture and livelihood dimensions to improve the lives and livelihoods of many poor and vulnerable people in disaster-prone areas. Our programs include climate risk management, public works and links to social services, livelihoods activities and improved market access, cash and in-kind food transfers for direct and indirect beneficiaries. For effective response in times of crisis, Emela has taken the lead in responding to natural and man-made disasters affecting vulnerable communities and delivers humanitarian aid and rehabilitation support.

Gender Empowerment

Emela play a vital role towards women empowerment and designs projects with strong gender component that allows men and women, boys and girls, to live with mutual respect and equal opportunities. Our specially developed tools and communication outreach provide basic education, vocational training for employment, protection for women and self-awareness to uplift women’s role in the society. Contribute to the peacebuilding and environmental protection processes to safeguard the existence and fundamental benefits of vulnerable members of the society.